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I'm a hardcore Ichihime, Naruhina shipper! But I also like other pairings as well..such as GrimmHime & KibaHina... Basically I just want Orihime & Hinata to be happy...they are strong girls!!
I ship Hinata with almost every hot guys in the series..my guilty pleasures are Sasuhina & Itahina hehee
My username at FLOL forum: MissIchigo

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Shino: ”However, with this incident, the most closely guarded secret of the Allied Shinobi Force was almost leaked to the enemy”

Hinata: ”Most closely guarded secret?”

Shino: “That you love Naruto.

Shino!! What do you mean by that?? OMG I’m being delusional over a filler episode.

Kiba is so cute! Look at his reaction when Shino told Hinata about him teasing her.

Shino is a genius. I think his intelligence is almost on par with Shikamaru’s. They both can be a great leader or strategist

I’m going to throw rocks at people now. =_= I never knew having OTPs in anime

could be this detrimental for my mental health

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    I don’t get how people can say Shino doesn’t have a sense of humor. A good third of his lines in Shippuden are pure...
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